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  • Human Resource Focus

    At ALVES, employees are our most valuable assets. Hence our HR emphasises on providing exciting work environment along with regular training programs to boost competency and self-development of all personnel. We strongly believe an atmosphere of belonging and proprietorship is the key to retaining workforce.

  • Business Development

    The Novel Business Development

    We comprehend developing new medicines and vaccines is an expensive and risky business.

    In order to ensure a strong pipeline of new products, we have close association with collaborators comprising of qualified scientists with post-doctoral experience in drug discovery, drug delivery systems, process development and analytical research. Specialty products with new formulas and latest drugs developed with all underlying studies, unique features and market surveys are synergized with our working policies by way of in-licensing, co-marketing and co-promoting new products with other businesses. We then obtain product approvals, take Pilot batches and proceed with commercial batches which are subsequently marketed and distributed. This ensures that our business flourishes and compliments the prevailing products with latest ones that offer novel or more effectual treatment for ailments.

  • Customer care

    The Customer Centric Approach

    Internal customer care is very well-organised because of regular meetings, exchange of ideas, sharing of information, finding solutions to problems and joint decisions. We endorse approachable and lively business culture that values individualism, capability and teamwork.

    External customer care as in Patients and people from distribution network is gratified with new developments, product enhancements, consistent addition of new product range, swift and clear response to business communication, be it mails, letters or phone calls.

  • Partner with us

    By crafting an atmosphere that inspires partnerships, Alves Healthcare has become a teammate of choice in our industry and continues to form a wide ranging network of strategic partnerships with several enterprises.

    The Advantages of Partnering with Us As a Consignee Agent, Propaganda Agent, Tendering Agent, Stockist / Distributor:-

    • Extensive range of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices which are always in demand with on-going business and income snowballing over the years;
    • One stop manufacturing hub
    • With requisite documents to qualify in place; benefit of procuring tenders from Ministry of Health/Health Department.

    As a Marketing Agent

    • Comprehensive training by our experts to be provided to your team
    • Niche Products with a combination of fast moving Generics and Surgical Products and having a unique pipeline will ensure in erecting business volumes with high profits.

    As for Outsourcing/Contract Manufacturing:-

    • As we manufacture superior quality products which are cost efficient, ALVES can package and brand products under private labelling at lowest prices;
    • We are in a continual process of providing new product licenses supported with relevant studies for products with different formulas or molecules with unique features and customer benefits. You can simply brand and market our products.

  • Investors perspective

    The Investors Perspective

    With its wide-ranging activities, expanded product portfolio and ambitious development plans, The Group aspires to be a single entity, accomplish the requirements of our customers and build genuine value for our investors who have asserted their trust in us. Our spending is growing by 15% to 20% annually and we are at present at the brink of rapid growth due to the huge business potential that both Indian and international market promises in the healthcare sector.

    We believe the following strategic priorities will help us achieve high growth at low risk:-

    • Develop a diversified global business
    • Provide more value added products
    • Streamline the operating model

    The Group’s escalating sales figures along with the ever increasing marketing network is multiplying in value, not to forget the mounting popularity of our brands in value.

  • Social Objective

    For us at the end of the day, it’s all about giving back to the society. Hence as a gesture of compassion towards the lesser privileged section of the society, we humbly contribute a certain percentage of our profits to Charitable Trusts and Missionaries for the purpose of Education, Nutrition, Health care, Developing Peoples Skills, etc. Because we hope a day comes when everyone on this planet is blessed!